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Franco House | Matias Santini

Franco House

(more pictures below)

This 2,175 s.f. house was designed based on several requirements from the client:

- Modern design, clean from all current trendy decorations.

- Flat roof, which responds to the Modern design.

- Minimal amount of windows in the front of the house, but open to the exterior on the backyard.

- the client would like the house to be LEED certified.

The client came to me with a sketch of the house they wanted. It was a two story house with master bedroom in first floor and two more rooms and second bathroom in the upper floor. The client requested to remove the second floor from the design, and include a second room to the house. The Kitchen is a major part in the house, since they wanted to have it as a gathering point. The family wanted privacy from the public road, while having a very open house to the backyard.

So I proposed to play with the roof by breaking it into three  levels, which will allow to work with the internal comfort with a fully controllable air flow and natural light.  Our green design includes:

  • Radiant floor Heating, in a raised foundation (see www.warmboard.com)
  • Roof & window orientation
  • Materials (including engineered woods, ICF’s)
  • Insulation (spray foam)
  • Windows (operable upper windows with  high r-value)
  • Mech & Plumbing design (including PEX, instant water heater, heat loss calculations)
  • Landscape design to mitigate summer heat gain
  • Hardscape design to preserve natural drainage, allowing ground water recharge.
  • Rubber Sidewalk parking pavement
  • Minimal footprint

The lower roof  level responds to the private section of the house (master bedroom/bathroom, second bedroom & entry bathroom). It is a 9 foot high ceiling, which is already a foot higher that any regular house ceiling.

The second level ceiling is at 11 foot high, which is at the kitchen and living room, allowing to have 8 foot sliding doors with an 18 inches high transom windows, all around the kitchen and living room walls, making it very open to the exterior.

The third ceiling is at 15′-6″ high, which is at the entrance, in between the two other levels, which makes it a very dramatic entrance, almost like a procession/corridor that ends in the fireplace. The client’s family have many artists, so we made a gallery/corridor to the master bedroom, which place a great part of the interior design, along with the main entrance and the backyard. Because of the transparency of the back walls, we have been able to transform the entire house (including the yard) into a art gallery.

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