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Garage Addition | Matias Santini

Garage Addition

Pleasanton, Ca

The owner purchased the house as-is. Later on she found out the garage addition was never done with the proper permits.

The last owner transformed the garage into a in-law unit. Ceramic tiles on the floor on both  old and new addition, kitchen counter with sink, oven & fridge in the front of the garage, and bedroom with full bathroom in the addition. The addition was built within the five feet setback from the neighbor, and the exterior walls matched the existing wood siding. The roof had an overhang of 6 inches, which match the property line.

So the city required several changes in the existing condition. First of all since the addition was “illegal”, they would consider it as non-existing, and therefore, the “new addition” would have to comply with the current building regulations.

The kitchen would have to go, but the Building department accepted to leave the cabinets as part of the garage.

The full bathroom was reduced to be less than 20 s.f. (it can’t have a higher s.f. in the garage) and cannot have a shower.

The bedroom would be consider as storage, and had to upgrade the electric outlets.

The exterior finish material on the new addition and part of the old building would have to be change to stucco, and removing the overhang on the property line side.

There were some structural issues on the ceiling, but adding a 4×12 (2- 2×12) would do the trick.