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Hopland | Matias Santini


Research and Extension Center – Hopland, California
University of California

It is the principal field research facility for the agriculture and natural resources for the University of California.

The preliminary design was under EcoDesign Collaborative supervision. The company I worked for was contacted to continue with the design for the building and the site.

The building was positioned on the site to capitalize the surrounding of the water and natural shade, minimizing tree cuts. The sustainable design is coherent to the function of the building, including natural air ventilation, natural light, water collection and reuse, wetlands water purification and material selection.

At the same time, woodpeckers are very common in this area, so it was natural to somehow include them in the design. Woodpeckers use any kind of soft wood to “build” 1 inch holes to storage acorn. So we took extra time to ┬ádesign a shell that accommodates the woodpeckers, while at the same time, the building is structurally and weather proof.
Woodpeckers will be the artists in the looks of the building.