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How many Hatches do you need? | Matias Santini

How many Hatches do you need?

Posted by on Jul 23, 2013 in CAD Management | 0 comments

It’s no surprise to find the hatch list full of cool hatches that, in many cases, nobody uses. Sometimes Autocad can’t even show a preview of it.  I’ve been taking the time to print them all up and show the long list of hatches around the office just to see people faces when they realize how much garbage they have in the hatch file.


Download the PDF file .

Spending the time to purge it, and save only the ones that are used in a regular basis is a good investment. Print a sheet of those hatches might help too.
Now, for those useful hatches you don’t use often enough save them in a secondary hatch file so you can import them when needed only.

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